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The Edinburgh Website is where you can read reviews to the best places you’ll want to visit, things to do, Nightclubs, Tours, attractions and Pub Crawls and featuring reviews of the Upcoming Events.


“Edinburgh Website Company Business Directory”

Edinburgh Website Directory, the one-and-only website of its kind, is an online platform for Edinburgh based enterprises to list their products and services while providing registered users with the opportunity to join a thriving online community. Registering with our business guide, a hassle-free process that contains no hidden charges, takes very little time and opens the door to free directory listings and business leads. Job-seekers, freelancers and sole-traders from the local community in the Edinburgh, Scotland are all catered to by the Edinburgh Website and may use the platform to reach new clients, employers and business contacts.

News, Blog, Articles

Edinburgh Website, in addition to its function as an online platform for the listing of Edinburgh based businesses, gives its members the chance to interact with one another in its forums and provides a news section for keeping visitors up-to-date with issues concerning the Edinburgh business community. Interviews with business-owners and professionals, from the proprietors of small coffee shops to the CEOs of corporate entities, enable viewers keep track of what is going on in the Edinburgh’s business world. Research-based articles, written by experts, shed light on matters concerning informative blog posts educate visitors about the local community in the Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lead Generation

Generating business leads is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy and an important part of nurturing new enterprises, expanding the horizons of established businesses and forging bonds between different commercial entities. Communications technologies in the digital age have allowed business leads to be sent by email and the Edinburgh Website, understanding the important role that modern technology plays in lead generation, allows its members to send and receive free digital business leads. Registering with our business directory provides Edinburgh based enterprises with the opportunity to receive, by email or text message, genuine leads that may result in greater levels of commercial success.

How to register?

Registering with the Edinburgh Website is easy and, by following some simple steps, it is possible to create a profile and have it listed within seconds. Signing up to our business guide, with either the free starter option or the Silver or Premium options, allows immediate access to our website after a new member verifies their email address. Members can represent themselves as they see fit and may post images, contact information and business opening hours. Our search engine helps website users to find what they are looking for, an interactive location map allows individuals to discover where businesses are situated and social media integration helps link business profiles with other online accounts.

Manage Customer Reviews

The reputation of a business, influenced by its clientele, is an important factor in determining its level of success and in the digital age potential customers will look online to discover what people are saying about a business or product. Prospective buyers, reading the comments and reviews posted on websites, will take the opinions of past clients into consideration when deciding where to take their custom. Edinburgh Website allows its members to manage customer reviews left on their profiles in order to present the best possible face to the viewing public. Edinburgh Website, built with state-of-the-art directory software, enables members to acceptor decline viewer comments that get posted to their business profiles.

Free Business Leads for local businesses.

Business leads, essential for the growth of enterprises, are provided for free by the Edinburgh Website to local businesses. The Edinburgh Website, unlike other business directories, has the distinction of being the only website that allows business-owners and professionals from the community in the Edinburgh to send and receive free business leads. Members of the Edinburgh Website, having registered with the website, have the option to receive free leads by email or to send their own. It is possible for website users, via the customisation tools found on their dashboard, to choose how many leads they receive and it is possible for members to not receive any leads at all.

Silver & Premium Membership Options

Edinburgh Website is free to join although there are additional membership options, ranging from Silver to Premium, that can unlock certain features of the website that are unavailable to free members. The numerous benefits of Silver and Premium membership options include the ability to add website links, telephone numbers and opening hours to business profiles as well as the chance to be listed at the front of the results page. Joining the website as a Silver or Premium member gives Edinburgh based enterprises more online exposure while providing a greater amount of information to potential customers and business contacts.

Join us today!

Joining the Edinburgh Website, either as a free or paying member, has many benefits to those signing up and helps foster a sense of community amongst business-owners and professionals within the local community. Members who wish to upgrade their accounts to Silver or Premium may relax in the knowledge that our website possesses a safe and secure payment process, protected by an SSL Certificate which provides up to 256-bit encryption, that shields the personal details of our clients and verifies our identity.